Remembering Two Fallen Buffalo Firefighters
It was seven years ago today, August 24, 2009, that two Buffalo firefighters were killed in the line of duty when the floor of a deli on Genesee Street fell in on them. Lieutenant Chip McCarthy and firefighter Jonathan Croom were searching for someone reported trapped inside.  Turns out, t…
West Webster Christmas Eve Ambush Survivors Speak [VIDEO]
Who can forget the tragedy that happened in Rochester this past Christmas Eve, where West Webster firefighters were ambushed while responding to a massive house fire.  A crazed man (William Spengler, 62) opened fire on those first responders after he set the blaze.
More Details Released About Webster Shooting!
Police in Webster, N.Y. are releasing new details about a shooting which left 2 firefighters from the West Webster Fire Company dead.  Police Chief Gerald Pickering says that investigators found a 2-3 page typewritten note from William Spengler.  In the note, Spengler said that he wanted t…

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