Remembering Two Fallen Buffalo Firefighters
It was three years ago today, August 24, 2009, that two Buffalo firefightes were killed in the line of duty when the floor of a deli on Genesee Street fell in on them. Lieutenant Chip McCarthy and firefighter Jonathan Croom were searching for someone reported trapped inside.  Turns out, th…
VFCOTW: The Sheldon Volunteer Fire Company
Congratulations to this weeks Hometown Heroes: The Sheldon Volunteer Fire Company.
 The Sheldon Volunteer Fire Company  has been active since the year 1922 and has
approximately 30 members that give their all when the alarm sounds and
at our fund raisers...
Today Is International Firefighters Day
I never realized how important firefighters are until my son joined our local fire company: The Main Transit Fire Department. I can't even tell you how he made the decision to be a volunteer. I never did that and neither did my father.
Think about this: What kind of person gladly gets up in the …

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