While the rest of the WYRK DJ's were at Rane Party Bar watching Kip Moore, I spent my Sunday at a local Irish bar/restaurant in Williamsville watching some local musicians.  Featured this Sunday was a duo called Kate & Corey, who played/sang everything from Adele to the Dixie Chix & Fleetwood Mac to Lee Ann Rimes.  Both Kate & Corey had really good voices that blended well with each other.  Both took turns at singing lead and jammin' away on the guitar.  As the day went on, I found out that Corey was a former member of the group..... 90 West (who still rock out) and Kate is his wife to be.  I'll tell ya, what I heard from those two is close to the best that you may get in Buffalo, as far as the music scene goes.  Obviously, when a singer, duo, group gets too good they make a run for a bigger market.  Kate & Corey are definitely worth seeing, so check out the video here and also click on their link to see where they'll be next!