Hollywood A-lister Matthew Broderick flew into Buffalo Tuesday morning, took a nap, hit up Spot Coffee on Delaware and began filming his part in a big movie called 'The American Side'.

The film started rolling cameras at the Butler Mansion in downtown Buffalo. He even took some time out of his day to give the experience of a lifetime to one big Broderick fan. After waiting two and a half hours, Alexis from Amherst was allowed to meet Broderick in the back of the mansion.

It was kind of like a movie brought to life. It was cool to see a movie star like growing up and than see him in real life so, it was a cool experience.


'The American Side' will film in Buffalo for a couple days this week before it takes the set to Niagara Falls -- some place that Broderick has never been.

While in Buffalo, Broderick may have felt a little uncomfortable though during this interview.