If you are a parent and you feel like you're drowning in your kids' toys, don't feel alone. It's easy to become overwhelmed with all the stuff that kids get. Seriously, just have one birthday party for a kid and see if you don't need a whole new room for all their stuff.

My dad worked at Fisher Price when I was a kid, so we never had a shortage of toys in our house. But I don't ever remember it being like it is these days. Kids have TONS of toys! It's not just a few toys that they love. In many houses, it's just a pile of stuff that they don't even play with much.

I found this article to be really interesting and wanted to pass it on to all the parents. A mom got incredibly tired of her kids just wanting "things" and decided to do something about it. She asked her kids to take care of their mess time after time. Finally she got fed up with the clutter in her house and decided to live a much simpler life. She got rid of almost all of their toys (although she did keep some that required they use their imaginations) and never looked back.

She says their lives are much more simple now, and their kids have never been happier. Their attention spans are longer and because they don't have toys to fight over; they almost never fight at all.

Sounds great to me! Has anyone else ever done this? Did it work? Have you tried it with your own life?