I was reading the story in the Buffalo News written by Bucky Gleason about Terry Pagula - a self made billionaire who wants to buy the Buffalo Sabres.  Pagula loves football and hockey, but his passion is the Sabres.  His friends say he worked hard all his life, is very modest, down to earth and a blue collar guy who people in Buffalo can identify with. 

He was upset when Chris Drury and Daniel Briere left in free agency.  He couldn't understand why the Sabres let Henrik Tallinder go because he wanted a 4-year contract and the Sabres would only give him 3.

The story says Pagula wouldn't be in it to turn a profit.  He wants to buy the Sabres because he wants to win.  Win - as in Stanley Cups - plural.    And he wouldn't be afraid to spend money to get the best people. 

It's exactly what I said I'd do if I had the money to buy the Sabres.  Terry Pagula is my kind of guy.  He has the same passion for the Sabres as I do.  Tom Golisano - please sell the Sabres to Terry Pagula.  Please!

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