Diapers getting too expensive? The solution may be to let your baby go without one!

When we were babies, my parents had a diapers service. I am a twin, and that equals a lot of diapers. Basically, these were reusable diapers that were cleaned and delivered by a company. No need for that with today's new trend.

In much the same way you would train a puppy, parents are now using tactics and techniques to not only know when their kids have to "go," but they are also using noises when the kids are "going" in an effort to train them to associate the urge with the proper place.

It's called "Elimination Communication," and according to reports, it entails:

Carefully observed babies pooping in bowls. The idea is that parents become so in tune with their diaperless child that they anticipate signals in time to rush to a toilet, kitchen sink, tree or bowl.

This was all in response to a pre-Earth Day article in the New York Times:

Parents are drawn to the method as a way of preserving the environment from the ravages of disposable diapers, as well as reducing the laundering of cloth diapers and preventing diaper rash.