Heading back to my car, I hitched a ride on the Metro Rail after last night's Sabres game, and a couple of French-speaking hockey fans from Montreal were asking other passengers if there were any "how you say...booby clubs in Buffalo?"

There were shouts of Cheektowaga, Lackawanna, North Tonawanda, but nobody could come up with the name of a club in the city. The guy said, "You have the worst hockey team in the league and no strip club? Wow."

I guess that about says it all. After their first win of the season on Tuesday night against the Islanders, the Sabres returned home and played an absolutely horrendous game against Vancouver and lost 3-0. The game wasn't even that close, thanks to the tremendous goaltending of Ryan Miller. Miller refused to answer any questions after the game, and probably a good thing because he's a man who speaks his mind, and he might have said some things he might later regret. He finished with 31 saves to keep the Sabres close.

The Sabres appeared to have scored a third period goal by Thomas Vanek, but a video review showed the puck hit the crossbar, the goal post, then slid across the ice along the goal line -- but never went in. That's how the season has been going for the Sabres.  Vanek says their play was disappointing.

Cody Hodgson set up Vanek for that opportunity with a great pass. He says they should have come out stronger.

Standing 1-7-1, the Sabres have now equaled their worst start at the beginning of a season. They remain home to host the unbeaten Colorado Avalanche on Saturday night.