Same ol', same ol' for the Buffalo Sabres -- another embarrassing loss.

The Sabres made it close in the second period when they came within a goal of the Boston Bruins 2-1 and 3-2, but the Bruins pulled away in the third period for a 5-2 win, keeping the Sabres winless on home ice this season.

This game started off badly when Ryan Miller let in a softie through his legs, and once again the Sabres were battling from behind. Cody Hodgson and rookie defenseman Nikita Zadorov had the Buffalo goals, while Milan Lucic and Torrey Krug each scored twice for Boston.

Then, in the third period, coach Ron Rolston sent out John Scott, who received a match penalty for a hit to the head of a Boston player. If things aren't bad enough for this team, the Sabres sink to this kind of play? That's on the coach, and I think the Sabres seriously have to look at making a coaching change.

It's not that there's a lack of talent on this team. These players are not playing team hockey. I see a bunch of individual players doing their own thing, trying to make something happen. These guys don't want to lose. There's just a lot of wasted effort game in and game out. And Rolston never provides any concrete answers in his media sessions. He appears to be in over his head.

For serious hockey fans the fun is gone from going to Sabres games. This team is an absolute embarrassment. The only thing that Sabres fans can do is express their displeasure by booing at the end of the game -- the few that are actually left at the end of games.

The Sabres are in Florida Friday night and at Tampa on Saturday.