Because she is such a cool cat, Kelly Clarkson released photos almost immediately from her wedding to Brandon Blackstock. She didn't wait for a paycheck from a magazine or cable network...she just hopped on Twitter and went crazy.

Yesterday, she topped herself by releasing VIDEO from the day!

Kelly and Brandon kept it very small and low-key, only having Brandon's children in attendance. Kelly's mom spoke of the small ceremony and on not being invited:

We're happy for her and she's so happy. She was so afraid we might be upset. But we were fine with it...I had known that she was under a lot of stress. And we just wanted her to be happy and not stressed out...I think the biggest thing for us to do was to allow her to do what she wanted to do.

From the video, it looks like they had just the wedding they were hoping for, and just about perfect weather too! Congrats the Blackstocks!