Boy Gets Angry When Woman Takes His Bacon Away [VIDEO]
Wife Swap is an interesting social experiment television show.  They take a wife from one house and ask her to go live with another family while that family's mother/wife comes to live with hers.  It's amazing how one person can be the glue in a family.  The mom that lives with this family however h…
Bacon Wrapped Oreos – Gross or Great?
As we gear up for summer, you gotta start thinking about the fair.  With the fair comes strange foods that you may have never tried.  Or for that matter, even dreamed of trying.  The people at a blog called Oh Bite It dream these foods up daily.  And recently, they may have struc…
This New Way Of Cooking Bacon Is A Game Changer [VIDEO]
I've seen this floating around Pinterest before but I feel now that it's more legit because "Food & Wine" is showing us. LOL
I love bacon on...everything. This will definitely step up my sandwich game.
How to Make a Bacon Weave for the World’s Bes…
Grill Some ‘Bacon Dogs’ This Weekend! [VIDEO]
Need a new twist on an old favorite? With Memorial Day just days away, the unofficial start to summer is here! That means grilling season, and that means plenty of hot dogs.
How about something a little different? How about a bacon dog?

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