Brad Paisley

Check Out Check Out Brad Paisley’s Valentine’s Day Card
As we get closer to Valentine's Day, you may be searching for something for that special someone, but you just can't quite nail it on the head.
I don't know if this would be acceptable to be the only thing you gift to your loved one, but it couldn't hurt to try giving it with some…
The Top 5 Best Tweeters In Country Music
Country music is so cool not only because of the music but also due to the people that make that music. They'll make you realize that at the end of the day, they're just normal people like you and me -- and Twitter helps us keep a handle on how grounded (and hilarious) they are.
Rascal Flatts Joins Brad Paisley On Stage [VIDEO]
One thing that I love about country music is how the artists all seem like a big family. They all seem to know one another and are each other's biggest supporters.
Check out what Rascal Flatts did when they recently got a day off.

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