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Christmas Tree Made For Cats [VIDEO]
I've been nervous about putting up my Christmas tree this year because of my 9 month old cat Kiki Dee. Kiki is very playful and my fear is she'll terrorize my tree and breakable ornaments.
I saw this video on Facebook and it looks to be a smart alternative Christmas tree for homes with mult…
Christmas Tree Rocket [VIDEO]
There are lots of ways to dispose of your Christmas tree.  Of course, you can put it out to the road if your town collects them, you can burn it if your town allows that, or you can do what these people do.  Strap it to a rocket and see how far you can get it to fly!
Real Tree Or Fake Tree? Which Do You Prefer? [POLL]
When I was little, we went through the entire process.  We got the rusty saw out of the garage, we put our snow suits on, we all piled in the car and then we wandered around a field full of thousands of Christmas trees to find one that was just right.  They all look great from the road, but when you…
10 Festive (and Brilliant) Christmas Tree Alternatives
The Christmas tree is a classic symbol of the holiday season and sometimes, maybe the best way to get in the holiday mood. You put an evergreen tree in the middle of your living room, decorate it with lights, ornaments and tinsel, and—boom—Christmas spirit...

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