Cats Being Naughty With Christmas Trees + Decorations [VIDEO]
Cat owners know that Christmas trees and decorations are basically a playground for our furry friends, especially if your cat is still a kitten. My cat Kyra is older now and doesn’t cause nearly as much trouble as she used to, but she still likes to lay underneath tree and pat at the…
5 Fun and Unusual Ways to Decorate Your Christmas Tree
Globes and angels and stars are fine, but for the folks who like to be a little more imaginative with their Christmas-tree decorations—whether from boredom or budget—we’ve come up with a list of five unusual ways to help get the creative wheels in your noggin spinning:
Gift Buying Tips
I’ve always stressed myself over Christmas shopping. I’m always way too concerned over whether the person I’m giving a gift to will actually like it.
The better you know someone, the easier it is to buy them a gift, or just be a careful listener. They&C…

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