Coca-Cola Announces Flavor Drops as New Beverage
Coca-Cola plans to take a squirt on its competition, as the company recently announced a new product that will require only a few drops to get a thirsty population on the fast track to flavor town.
In the next couple of weeks, consumers can expect to see something called Dasani Drops, which is essent…
Is There a New Bacon Flavored Coca-Cola on the Way?
Is Coca-Cola coming out with a bacon-flavored soda?  Twitter followers were wondering after an image, Facebook page and video of a Diet Coke featuring the words "with Bacon" made their way around the internet.  So far, Coca-Cola is saying that no bacon-flavored Coke or Di…
Coca-Cola Was Invented On This Day!
Can we all say thank you to a man named John Pemberton for his contributions to society.  John is the inventor of Coca-Cola.  All the way back in 1886, John was in his Atlanta backyard mixing up a formula that was intended to cure hangovers, headaches and all of that good stuff.
Is Pepsi Losing Its Fizz?
What is the better soft drink: Coke or Pepsi? Yes, a very subjective question and the answer may be dependant on where you ask that question.  My sister lives in Atlanta, home to the Coca-Cola museum.  Atlanta is a Coke town.