Why Have I Never Seen This? Easiest Way To Shuck A Corn [VIDEO]
Why have I lived on earth this long and never known this? LOL
With Summer right around the corner you may start getting your ears of corn for dinner every night. Sometimes, it's actually fun to chuck your ear of corn like it is part of the whole experience of the corn or something...
Watch Bruce Willis’ Insane Method for Eating Corn
"Summertime! Summertime, people!" Sure, Bruce Willis. We can blame this on it being the summertime.

The actor hit 'The Late Show' last night to ... honestly, we don't even know, but eventually it devolved into Willis eating corn on the cob harmonica-style and getting absolu…
How Not To Eat Corn! [VIDEO]
Your mouth and eyes will get bigger and bigger as this video moves along. Then you'll start to get a little pain in your cheek. At the end of the video, you're gonna being walking around going, "How's he doing that? HOW. IS. HE. DOING. THAT?!"
Caption This Video — Young Corn Hamster
I was pretty freaked out the first time I saw my daughter's hamster with two cheeks full of food. I didn't realize that they actually store their food there before they eat it. And I've never seen one stick an entire mini-corn in there...until now.