Dog Saves Baby From Crawling Too Close To Sea In Turkey
Uhhh, what exactly were the parents thinking on this one?
While the adults were paying a little too much attention to their dog, their baby was taking off crawling toward the ocean. Had it not been for the dog laying in front of the baby, the parents' attention may have never turned toward the b…
Dog Is Not Having His Owner’s Kisses
One man has trained his dog to hate kisses or affection. Sure, it's cute, but they've spent so much time together, and Owner was totally there for Dog that time he ate the Chunky bar -- he even took him to the doctor and washed the puke out of his hair...
Dierks Bentley’s Dog Has Been Found!!!
Dierks Bentley's poor pup went missing over the weekend.  We found this out yesterday via Twitter, when Dierks posted about losing his trusty dog Jake.  The tweet was sent out around 9pm...this is what Dierks wrote ..
Gary Allan’s Dog Lucy [VIDEO]
Today on Noon Tunes, I mentioned how Gary Allan's dog Lucy was on stage with him last Saturday night at the concert. I immediately got some emails and texts wondering if I had a photo of the dog.
I found something a little bit better. A short video of Gary and Lucy at Gary's home in Nashvil…

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