If Clay Was a Dog… [WATCH]
Ever wonder what it would sound like if Clay was a dog? We decided to find out, and now you can hear it for yourself!
Yet Again, Another Dog Incident After Puppy Dies on Plane
United Airlines is not have a good couple of weeks here.
Starting in a couple weeks, United will issue brightly colored bag tags to people that are traveling with pets. This is all after one pet died when the flight attendant told a passenger to put a bag with a dog inside in the over-head compa…
New Harsh Dog Laws Coming, Gives Heavier Punishment
I wish that they had this in Depew now for that guy that keeps letting his dog poo on my front lawn.
In Newfane, they are considering some new laws that would have dog owners become a little more responsible with their pets.
Owners will be fined $100 and/or spend 15 days in jail after the first offens…

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