While the 2023-24 winter weather season hasn't been very wintery, it has brought with it some of the things that we typically see this time of year. We have the ice boom going into Lake Erie, ski slopes have been hard at work making snow, and, of course, just about everyone you know has this really nasty cough that is driving us all crazy.

If there is one thing about this time of year that I think we can all agree that we can't stand, it has to be all of the different respiratory illnesses that go around the region. From the common cold to the flu to RSV, just about everywhere you turn, people are sneezing and coughing and are generally miserable.

Well, it seems that Old Man Winter wants man's best friend to be sick along with the rest of us.

Western New Yorkers Worried That Mysterious Respiratory Illness Will Hit Dogs in WNY

There is a strange respiratory disease that has been impacting dogs all over the nation, and it looks like it landed in the 716 and 585. Since it looks like humans aren't the only ones getting sick this year, veterinarians have had their hands full trying to get a handle on things as our pups are coming up with more issues.

As of this week, there have not been any confirmed cases in New York, but that doesn't mean that officials are resting on their laurels. Cases have been reported in neighboring Pennsylvania, along with several other states.

Local dog groomers and kennels have been reporting a decline in business as people are keeping their pups home in fear of the disease.

So, what do you need to be on the lookout for if you are worried that your pooch may be at risk?

WKBW-TV has reported a detailed conversation with veterinarian Dr. Matthew Wheaton, and Dr. Wheaton has several great tips you can use to make sure your furry friend is healthy and happy.

The most important thing is to pay attention to your dog. If they have any nasal discharge or fever, then you want to have them checked. Also, watch out for your dog sharing a dog bowl with other dogs that you aren't familiar with.

If this doggy disease does make it to the Empire State, the more aware we are, the better we'll be able to deal with it.

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