Don’t Answer if You See One of These in New York
What is always the rule of thumb when you see something on the internet? 'If it is too good to be true it usually is'.
New York State Police is warning New Yorkers about a scam that many are falling for lately and it is no surprise considering that pet sales have gone up 202% during the COV…
Puppies On A Slide!
It might not be Friday, but this will make you enjoy Thursday a little more. Puppies can fix any mood, especially when they're going down a slide. They just keep coming!
Running For Dinner
Those corners can be tricky!  Watch as these puppies grow up right before your eyes.  Their owner took a video of them every few weeks after he calls them for dinner.  It starts with them at 11 weeks.
Is this too adorable?
There are no words for this! Just random noises because you don't know how to handle the cuteness. PUPPIES, BABY GOATS....TOGETHER!
See what happens after a few weeks go by!
Puppy Surprise! [VIDEO]
I grew up on farm so I don't understand people who don't have pets.  Pets are a big responsibility, which is a great thing for young kids to learn about.
While these two unsuspecting kids were doing their homework, their parents surprised them with a new family member - a puppy...

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