I’ve been a dog owner almost my entire life. My fiancée and I are huge dog lovers and always have a soft spot for stories about dogs needing help. These puppies definitely need help and it’s awful hearing what some people are capable of.

According to WKBW, a local rescue group is asking for the public’s help after a group of puppies were brought to Buffalo after being abandoned in a cardboard box and left next to a dumpster.

The puppies eventually need a home but they also are dealing with a parvovirus, which can be deadly for dogs. One of the puppies has already died but 7 Hearts Maternity Rescue is trying to save the other puppies and is asking for the community’s help.

You can help donate here.

Just awful. I can’t believe anyone could just leave puppies in a situation like that; it honestly boggles my mind.

We own a rescue dog and it’s the best decision we ever made. So many dogs and cats deserve a loving home and another chance at life. Many times they’re at a shelter to no fault of their own and that was the case with our pitbull/beagle mix named Odessa. She’s the sweetest dog we’ve ever encountered and we were blown away she was in a shelter.

I’m hoping these puppies pull through and eventually get forever homes.

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