There may never be enough words, or expressions of gratitude, we can offer to those who are first responders and medical emergency professionals. The life saving work that these brave men and women do everyday goes above and beyond the call of duty in many cases. When there is an opportunity to give back, the generosity and outpouring of support is pretty incredible to witness.

Western New York is one big family. If you grew up here or if you recently made this are your home, you know the love that we share for one another and the reason why Buffalo is considered the "City of Good Neighbors. There is another opportunity to support and help one of our own.

Lisa Spahn has been a nurse for years and has gone above and beyond the call of duty many times for those who are just hours old! Her work with babies has brought comfort to dozens of families and people are now rallying to help her.

In the message on the GoFundMe page, it was noted that Lisa was hurt while helping.

Recently while at work she suffered an acute and debilitating back injury while directly providing care to an expecting mother. Lisa underwent emergency back surgery in the wake of this sudden and unexpected injury.

It goes on to note that:

The funding generated through gofundme, will be used to pay for the medical care and procedures for which she is currently being denied. A portion will also be utilized for regular household bills. Financial relief will allow her to focus her full effort & energy on recovery.

Having three kids of my own, I am so very grateful for the work that nurses and doctors do for those most vulnerable. During the most sensitive, and anxious times a parent can go through, professionals like Lisa Spahn are there to help families get through-while making sure NICU babies, and at-risk moms, have a chance. Here is a chance to return that love.

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