There are reports today that graduation has been canceled at one of New York State's most popular schools.

The news broke early this week after a couple weeks of demonstrations across New York State on college campuses.

As we get in to the busy graduation season, it looks like safety of students and guests will be the top priority!

Graduation Is CANCELED At This New York State School

NBC 4 is reporting that: "JUST IN: Columbia cancels University-wide commencement ceremony on 5/15 ... will instead focus on "smaller-scale, school-based celebrations"

It has been a tense few weeks as we watch to see what is happening in the Middle East and how the anger and unrest have spilled over in to the United States. On college campuses, there have been numerous (mostly peaceful) demonstrations that have happened. The rallies seem to be for both sides. However, it is the pro Palestinian groups that seem to be the most vocal.

It will be interesting to see what happens with graduation at other places in New York State this season and how the news from Columbia University will have an impact on decisions from the other schools.

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