Thursday offered up the best news we have heard all week, as the University of Cincinnati Medical Center held a press conference to update the media on the condition and progress of Buffalo Bills safety Damar Hamlin.

Hamlin went into cardiac arrest on the field during the Bills' Monday Night Football game against the Cincinnati Bengals and doctors said Hamlin has made "remarkable progress" over the last 24 hours and it appears Hamlin is "neurologically intact."

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Hamlin remains in critical condition but once his breathing tube is removed and he doesn't have any setbacks in his condition, he will be able to moved into stable condition, although there's no timetable for that.

There is more focus on the Bills on the field and what exactly the NFL does with the Bills-Bengals game and seeding, since there is only one regular season week remaining.

It appears this game will not be resumed.

The Associated Press is reporting that the NFL will indeed not resume Bills at Bengals.

The NFL is still determining how to proceed with playoff seeding.

ESPN's Adam Schefter reported today the league has discussed both the possibility of allowing the 1 and 2 seeds in the AFC to split the perks of that top seed -- the Wild Card bye week and the homefield advantage throughout the postseason; along with playing the AFC Championship game at a neutral site, if the Bills and Bengals are involved against the Chiefs.

Albert Breer reports the winning percentages determining the seeding, with a neutral site AFC Championship game is a plan that's gained traction. Indianapolis has been a site which has been discussed.

As of now, the Chiefs are 13-13, while the Bills are 12-3 and the Bengals are 11-4. Kansas City holds a game in hand.

The league could go by winning percentages for the final seeding, which seems like good odds from various reports, while adding an eighth playoff team is another possible idea, according to the AP.

A decision should come soon, since time is not in the league's favor.

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