Doctors at the University of Cincinnati Medical Center have given an official update on the status of Bills safety Damar Hamlin. 

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During the first quarter of Monday night’s highly anticipated Buffalo Bills and Cincinnati Bengals game, Hamlin suddenly collapsed on the field, later determined to be due to suffering cardiac arrest. He was treated by medical personnel on site and rushed to the University of Cincinnati Medical Center, where he remains in critical condition. 

Prayers, anxiety, and well-wishes have been expressed worldwide after the harrowing incident as we patiently wait for updates.

Via zoom on Thursday afternoon, Dr. Timothy Pritts, Division Chief of General Surgery, and  Dr. William Knight of the Neurocritical Care department at the University of Cincinnati Medical Center confirmed substantial improvement in Damar Hamlin’s condition over the past 24 hours. 

As of this morning, he is beginning to awaken, he is moving his hands and feet,  and his neurological function is intact.

“We are very happy for him & his family,” the doctors stated.

Although he is showing significant improvement, the physicians stated that Hamlin continues to be critically ill and remains under trauma care, cardiac care, and respiratory care at UC Medical Center.

Praising the Buffalo Bills medical team, doctors confirmed that after the Bills medical staff immediately determined something was wrong, Hamlin was immediately resuscitated on the field using defibrillation and CPR. The staff’s quick action, along with Hamlin’s age and fitness level, was crucial to his recovery.

“This went as well as this could go under very challenging circumstances.”

Although Hamlin still has significant progress he needs to make, medical teams shared the good news that doctors are allowing him to awaken gradually and that last night, he was able to follow commands. He even asked who had won the game via writing. (He is still unable to speak, as he still has a breathing tube.)

We do not have definite answers as to what caused the cardiac arrest at this time, and tests will remain ongoing.

Assessments will still have to be made regarding the next steps of his recovery (including breathing on his own) and his transportation back to Buffalo; however, his family and fans can’t help but be thrilled by this positive news on Damar’s progress.

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