As of right now, it looks as though the Bills are going to see their next action on Sunday.  A fan has an incredible idea to honor Monday night's heroes.

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By now, you've heard the story of Damar Hamlin.  It's been a pretty amazing one.

But what do you know about the people who got us to this point?

The accident that happened on Monday night was unprecedented.  Most people who watch professional football had never seen what happened on that field ever happen before.  The fact that a player had to receive CPR right there on the field in order to take their next breath was scary, but the things that happened after that and the people who did them, are incredibly remarkable.

To think that in a moment like that, someone had the sense and the training to notice that Hamlin had lost his pulse and CPR needed to be started right away is nothing short of a miracle.  The men and women who immediately jumped into action to save his life are definitely heroes.

At least one fan thinks that they should be honored on Sunday should the Bills end up playing their last regular season game of the year at Highmark Stadium.

I have a hard time disagreeing with him here.  Let them take the field and be honored like the heroes that they are.  If you watched the press conferences with the doctors from the University of Cincinnati Medical Center you would have seen them agree that if it weren't for the quick-acting staff on the Bills (and Bengals) sidelines, this story might have ended worse than it is right now.

Today we found out the name of the person who immediately started CPR on Hamlin and he's become a viral name on Twitter.

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