On Thursday, the Buffalo Bills, NFL and fans got the news that we have been hoping for since Tuesday morning.

The Bills released a statement, saying that Hamlin has made "remarkable improvement" and appears to be a "neurologically intact." Hamlin's lungs continue to heal.

Ian Rapoport of The NFL Network reports that Hamlin has opened his eyes and his gripping the hands of those close to him.

Those close to Hamlin are endlessly appreciative of the care Hamlin has gotten from the field to the hospital.

This is amazing news and while Hamlin still has a long way to go, it's clear he is improving.

The men and women who acted as fast as they did, both on the field and at the University of Cincinnati Medical Center, are the reason Hamlin is still here.

One man who is now getting the much-needed attention he deserves is Bills assistant athletic trainer, Denny Kellington.

According to Albert Breer of Monday Morning Quarterback, Kellington is the one who performed CPR on Hamlin after he collapsed at Paycor Stadium.

Breer says that he was told Kellington's actions were "absolutely vital." Kellington is a hero.

Here's a face to the name.

Acting fast and efficient clearly made a difference. Hamlin went into cardiac arrest and Kellington, along with both the Bills and Bengals medical staff and trainers helped save Hamlin's life.

We hope that Hamlin continues to make progress and can eventually walk out of the University of Cincinnati Medical Center.

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