Guiness Book of World Records

Ever Think About Driving The Longest Road In The World?
It’s considered the longest road in the world. According to the Guinness Book of World Records, it extends from Prudhoe Bay in Northern Alaska down through Canada, the United States, Mexico, Central America and into South America. It ends at Cape Horn in Argentina. It&CloseCurlyQuote…
World’s Largest Human Domino Topple [VIDEO]
I want to know why I never know when this stuff is happening!  How fun does this look?  It's the world's largest human domino topple according to Guiness' Book of World Records.  It consists of 850 people strapped to mattress falling on their backs.
Armless Archer Sets Guiness Record [Video]
Archery is hard enough when you're doing it with your arms.  Imagine trying to do it without arms all together.  That's just what Matt Stutzman does.  He was born without arms but has found a way to adapt.  Now he's got a record in his pocket for a 230 yard shot.