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New York’s 7-Bullet Limit Dropped
New York governor Andrew Cuomo says it’s only a temporary measure, but the state legislature says it’s an indefinite suspension of the provision in the New York State Safe Act gun law that would have made it illegal to sell handgun magazines that could hold more than …
UPDATE: NYS Pistol Permit “Opt Out” Forms Available [AUDIO]
I see no reason why a news outlet would need to publish names of pistol permit holders. As print media becomes more and more irrelevant, papers such as the Buffalo News are trying to get the names and information of pistol permit holders.This has caused much debate and discussion. I spoke with Erie …
A Letter From Erie County Sheriff Tim Howard Regarding Gun Laws
This is a letter that was written by the current Erie County Sheriff, Tim Howard. Although he has been the center of debate on other issues, I can't agree with him more on this issue. If this is how the law enforcement officials feel, perhaps our state leaders may want to start to rethink thing…
Cuomo Close to Announcing Huge, New Gun Laws
New York Governor Andrew M. Cuomo, a shotgun owner, is pushing for New York to become the first state to push major new gun laws stemming from the events of the Sandy Hook tragedy. Today, he plans to propose plans to propose one of the country’s most restrictive bans on weapons.

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