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What If Tim Allen Played Chewbacca? [VIDEO]
Home Wars? Improvement Wars? Star Improvement? Who plays the role Wilson? Watch this hilarious video where someone took Tim "The Tool Man" Taylor's famous grunts and dubbed them over Chewbacca's growls (is that what we call them?)
The Most Common Spring Cleaning Project Is…..
Uggh, ....that's the sound made when one realizes that they have a load of spring cleaning to do.  For me, it's eliminating clutter!  Throwing needless "stuff" away!  Painting is also on my list of things to do (one room at least)...and it looks like I&apos…
21 “Handy” Apps For Your Smartphone
I was lucky enough to get an iPhone for Christmas.  I have been begging for one to keep in better contact with my clients for my side job and finally got one.  The funny thing is, I use it for a ton more things than I ever could have imagined.  Click here for a list of 21 apps th…