Young Buck Saved By (Ironically) Hunters [VIDEO]
According to, irony is defined as "an outcome of events contrary to what was, or might have been, expected." For many people, the last one they'd expect to save a deer's life is a hunter. But that's exactly what happens here...
Check Out The Buck Jason Aldean Got This Weekend! [PICTURE]
This weekend was great weather for shotgun season's opening here in WNY. If you got any good pics to share, make sure you enter them on our Adventure Wall -- and while you're there, check out what everyone else got this season.
Here's Jason Aldean's snag from this weekend!
An Afternoon Bowhunt With Clay Moden [VIDEO]
I'm sure you've heard me mention hunting a few times on the air before that one of my favorite things about the fall is the fact that deer hunting season comes around and gives us archery fans a chance to head to the woods and put our hard work to use.
From practicing at the archery range to scouting…
Bag Limits Up For New York Goose Hunters
It's just about here. Hunting season is on the doorstep, and if you're like me, you can't hardly wait to back in the field/woods.
The weather may be rather warm yet, but once the Erie County Fair ends, it is time to get the gear ready, get the guns oiled up and start making plans to get to your favor…

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