How Much Is YOUR Mom Worth?
It's hard to put a price on the work that a mom does.  With all the jobs involved with being a mom, if you separated every job and put a salary with it, what would you have to pay a mom to do the work she does? is giving it a shot though.
Garth Brooks Chokes Up While Singing To Ellen [VIDEO]
In a special moment for Ellen, the singer performed the heartbreaking song 'Mom' off his new album 'Man Against Machine'. The song is about a 'conversation' between a mother and her unborn child. As Garth puts it, it may make every "momma's boy" o…
[LISTEN] [LYRICS] Garth Brooks’ New Song ‘MOM’
Garth Brooks has already given us 'People Loving People from his new album coming out November 11, Man Against Machine. He gave us another sneek peak to his brand new song on the album called 'Mom' that may just make you tear up.
Garth Brooks - 'Mom' Lyrics
A little baby told God,
Hey I’m kinda scared,…
Mom Is Priceless!
What's your mom worth?  If mom received a salary, she'd be receiving executive level pay.  According to, a mother who didn't work outside the home would be paid close to 119 thousand dollars. The estimate puts mom's hours caring for the home and kids at just …

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