Incredible Video From Inside A Tornado [VIDEO]
I've never been in a tornado.  Heck, being from Western New York, I haven't even been around many.  My dad was from Oklahoma though and he used to tell me how scary they were when he was a kid.  Now I see why.  Check out this footage a guy got in Russia when he left his…
Amazing Car Crashes From Dash Cams in Russia [VIDEO]
The theory is that almost a million Russian citizens have dash cams in their cars to help stamp out police corruption. However, along the way, those dashboard cameras have captured some of the most interesting footage ever seen. Here's proof.
Is This A Real Bear? [VIDEO]
Let's be honest: Russia is responsible for some of the most bizarre YouTube videos. Crazy things seem to happen there, and somehow they're always caught on video!!!
A Country You Don’t Want To Drive In [VIDEO]
Over the years, I have driven in a lot of cities. My picks for the three most dangerous are: Los Angeles, Atlanta and Toronto. But, could there be worse places to drive?
Yes, Russia probably has the craziest and worst drivers in the world...

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