Get Ready For The “Blood Moon”
Do you feel like people have been acting a little strangely lately?  If so, it might be because of the event that is about to take place tomorrow morning (October 8).  It's called a full "Blood Moon" and it's supposed to be visible from everywhere in the U.S.
The Breakfast Club Attempts Science + Fails [VIDEO]
Apparently, there is a way to test batteries without having to use one of those testy-things (I believe that's the correct term). So we gave it a try on-air... Take a look.
So... we didn't do it the right way. I guess the lesson here is to really research before you just jump right in...
Artist, Biologist Show Us The Faces Of The Future [PICTURE]
We all learned about evolution in school and how creatures have changed to keep up and live longer on earth. Well, now an artist has teamed up with a smart guy (a computational biologist) to bring us some frightening pictures of how they think we will evolve to look in the future. Big foreheads and …
What Makes the Human Body So Amazing?
I’ve said this before – the human body is an incredible machine. It’s amazing how efficiently it works and when some things break down it has the ability to fix itself.
One of the keys to operation of the body is the heart. It beats about 101-thousand times a day…

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