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Man Gets Hit By A Car And Holds On For A Ride! [VIDEO]
This video comes after an argument took place in a parking lot.  The argument stemmed from a gay slur that was directed toward the man who is standing behind the white car. When he decides not to get out from behind the car, the driver decides instead to just try to run him over.
The 5 Best (Or Worst) Black Friday Fights [VIDEO]
People will lose their minds for a good deal on Black Friday.  What started out as a great way for companies to get themselves out of the red, has turned into a fighting frenzy of people willing to bust someone else's lip for a flat screen.
Man Takes Video Of Officer’s Pointing Guns At Him [VIDEO]
This is getting out of control.  So many people are pulling their phones out to video tape their encounters with police officers these days that they've lost track of the fact that those officers have a job to do.  Granted, there are crooked cops out there.  But they're not …

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