How To Open A Beer With A Shotgun [VIDEO]
I don't really have to explain this one too much. The video is exactly what the title says. Although it's pretty cool to see, please don't try it. This would be a good example of someone who's not really a responsible gun owner.
Matthew Vizzy Harvests A Turkey In Caneadea
This past weekend was the Youth Hunt for Spring Turkey Hunting. This is a special weekend designated by the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation to encourage youths ages 12 to 15 to discover the exciting hobby of turkey hunting...
Hot Blonde Really Knows Her Shotgun Calibers [VIDEO]
When it comes to shotguns, I think everyone has their favorite caliber. I started shooting a .410 when I was 13 and worked my up to a 12 gauge. I spent a lot of years shooting 12 gauges for deer hunting and trap shooting. These days, my favorite shotguns are my 16 gauges...