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My Wife’s Choice For Personal Protection
I know that many of the female WYRK listeners are choosing to carry a firearm for personal protection. I think it's a wonderful idea. Owning a handgun is not for everyone, but I am glad we live in a country where we are free to make that decision...
Clint Eastwood’s 170 Greatest Quotes [VIDEO]
One of my favorite actors of all time is Clint Eastwood. I have seen every film he has ever made. I was lucky enough to meet him one time in California when my aunt and uncle were producing a tv show for ABC called "Hotel". He dropped by the set one morning and I was able to get a …
It’s The Last Weekend Of Deer Season
Will you be out hunting this weekend?  As soon as I get off the air on Saturday morning, I will be heading out to Caneadea, NY for the last weekend of deer season.  So far my son and I have not taken any deer this year which is very odd for us.  However I don't give up easily.