The Worst Sunburns Ever! [PICTURES]
Summertime is great. Slip 'n slides, lemonade and lots of sunshine!  The problem comes when you aren't careful in that sun.
We all know that too much exposure is bad for our health. Aside from that, it hurts like hell! So why do we put ourselves through this?
What’s The Best Remedy To Soothe Sunburn?
We have seen some record temperatures this July.  So what do you do if you get a sunburn?  According to The Old Farmer's Almanac, "If you get a sunburn, restore your energy with hot tea, which will pep you up and cool you off as well as or better than a cold drink."  I would imagine at thi…
Avoid A Burn And Use Sunscreen This Summer
The hazy sunshine can be deceiving and if you’re in it for even the shortest amount of time you could get nasty sunburn.  I was at my sister’s pool yesterday and we were all having a great time in the water.  The sky was hazy and there were even times when i…