Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day Traditions Thru History
We traditionally give cards, candy, flowers, teddy bears and other items of affection on Valentine's Day.  But thru the ages in other cultures and in other parts of the world there have been other ways of expressing your love for your special Valentine...
Valentine’s Day Spending Expected to Soar This Year
Americans shelled out more for holiday presents last year, and it looks like that trend will carry over to Valentine’s Day — analysts expect spending on gifts like flowers, candy, cards and jewelry to rise eight percent compared to numbers seen in 2011.
What You Probably Didn’t Know About Valentine’s Day
Here are some things about Valentine’s Day you may not have known.
St. Valentine is the patron saint of lovers and engaged couples.  He’s also the patron saint of travelers, young people, plague, bee keepers and epilepsy – something he was believed to have h…
Brett Alan’s Best And Worst Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas
Valentine's Day is just around the corner.  I've been called the Valentine's Day grinch more than once in my life because honestly, I don't believe in the day.  It's a day set aside to tell someone that you love them.  but honestly, shouldn't every day be that day?  So I don't endorse people going o…
Dale’s Daily Data: Valentine’s Day
Getty ImagesThere are a couple of legends behind the history of Valentine’s Day.
One tale says, after the Roman god Lupercus drove a wild, roaming pack of wolves out of Rome, an annual festival was held in his honor on the 15th of February.  On the night before the holiday, on the 14th, each Roman gi…
Puppy Lovin On Valentines Day!
There is something very peaceful about a sleeping dog.  My lab pup Pepper can nap any place at anytime.  I try to spoil her with a comfy bed and lots of toys and even her own blankie.  But, she prefers to snuggle up to my coffee table.

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