Rob’s Favorite Super Bowl Commercials [VIDEO]
I didn't think this year's commercials were as good as previous years and certainly, some of them not $5 million good as you'll forget about them by this morning.
Lets go over some of the best of the best.
1. Avocados From Mexico
2. Cam Newton + Miranda Kerr for Buick
Top Love Making Songs! [VIDEO/AUDIO]
Today, Clay and I were digging through our morning prep and found a list of the Top 10 tracks to play during a love making session.  This list was was compiled following a survey of 2,000 men and women in the UK....ages 18-91.  Some of the songs on the list will make you was WHAAAAAATTT???…
Eagle Snatching Baby Video Is Fake! [VIDEO]
Earlier in the week I was astounded by a video showing a golden eagle seemingly snatching a toddler right off the ground.  My jaw dropped as the eagle sunk its talons into the child's back and started to take off.  Now I find out that I was duped.  It was a fake!  Here'…

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