The 7 Best WNY Restaurants On The Waterfront
Western New York is home to some of the coolest, unique restaurants, but most cities don't have what Buffalo has--a waterfront. We get some of the coolest views of sunsets over the water while we enjoy dinner (and if we are really having fun, we're still there for the sunrises)
Here are the…
Dogs Love Water And This Video Proves It! [VIDEO]
Here's a daily distraction for you.  It's hot out.  Humans love to get near a beach or a pool when it's hot.  So why wouldn't an animal that has a coat on all the time want to do the same?  Of course they do...and here's a video to prove it.
Watch: 6-Foot Man Gets in Giant Water Balloon [VIDEO]
The Slo Mo Guys are very popular, and it's so simple. They do cool things and show you in slow-mo...why couldn't we think of that?!
In this video, they decide to take a giant water balloon they've used in past videos and try to fill it with someone inside...

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