These are awesome! There's so much to do in Buffalo that sometimes we even need to make a Buffalo Bucket List. We bet you haven't done all of these.

  • 1

    Lake Erie Flyboard

    This is one of the coolest experiences that you can have! The Lake Erie Flyboard will shoot you up in the air with water from underneath you!

  • 2

    Water Bikes

  • 3

    Water Ferries

    The Queen City Water Ferry provides regular service to the Inner and Outer Harbors, seven days a week. Also, the Queen City Bike Ferry takes bicyclists, walkers and dogs from the Outer Harbor to Canalside.

  • 4

    Buffalo River History Tours

    River History Tours offer boat tours along the Buffalo River and even will do tours of Buffalo’s Grain Elevators!

  • 5

    Wine in the Wind!

    It's an awesome experience on a Wednesday evening. Take a ride on the Spirit Of Buffalo and sample wines from all over the region. Only $42 a person!

  • 6

    Water Pedal Tours

    You know the pedal tours you see everyone riding around town with now? Well, take them to the water this Summer! You and 12-14 of your friends can go on the pedal boat and drink while on the water. It costs about $35 per person.