Almost every day I see or read something that completely boggles my mind like this story.  A couple of Buffalo teens were arrested for stealing sewer grates in and around the city.  Really, what possesses someone to do something that could be a danger to others?  Now I get that teenagers do ridiculous things, heck I was no angel and may have toilet papered a mailbox or two in my day but I would never have done anything that could hurt others. Can you imagine the damage this could cause an if say a vehicle had driven where the grate was missing from or god forbid a pedestrian inadvertently falling into the empty space.  Luckily the teens were spotted and police caught them before anything bad happened.  I just don’t get it, why do so many people have such a disregard for others and consequences.   I’m told they were probably stealing the grates to sell for scrap metal for extra cash which infuriates me to know end that there are buyers that don’t ask any questions when teens come to them to sell metal.  How do we stop this behavior?  I can’t answer that but I think about this kind of stuff every day.