Yesterday afternoon I was making the drive from the WYRK studios in downtown Buffalo to Artpark in Lewiston. Between the accidents and the rain, it took me an hour and 20 minutes to complete the trek.  After I arrived at Artpark, I began to wonder whether this concert would actually come off.

I stood there in the pouring rain gazing at the very soaked stage. Minutes later, I was informed by Artpark staff that the opening band would not be able to play due to the rain. By now, I was getting a bit worried that the Charlie Daniels Band would even be able to play a note tonight. We had no choice but to wait.....and then wait some more.

Finally as I looked out at the Canadian skyline across the water, I caught a faint glimpse of clearing skies and rays of sunshine. As the stagehands worked furiously with blowers and squee-gees to get the stage dry, the whole mood began to change. It was starting to clear up and it looked like we just might be able to have a concert after all!

It was a little bit after 8 o'clock when I was finally given the clearance to bring out the Charlie Daniels Band. Our prayers had been answered! Special thanks to Maureen and the entire Artpark staff. They made me feel at home like they always do. And thank you to the die-hard fans who braved the elements yesterday and got to see one of the best performers in the business: The Charlie Daniels Band.