It's no secret that the relationship between someone and their mother-in-law is quite complex. Sometimes, it's a love-hate relationship. Or sometimes...just, love.

Talking to one of the guys in the building tonight, he was fuming about his wife's mother and was saying the funniest things that lead to the start of this list. So, to avoid causing extra stress in the family, here's things you could say to your dog but not to your mother-in-law.

Last night, you called in and chimed in. The responses were hilarious.

  • 1

    "Play Dead"

    From a female caller.

  • 2

    "Stop Barking, And I'll Give You A Treat"

    From a male caller.

  • 3

    "You're Going In The Backyard On A Leash"

    From a male caller.

  • 4

    "You Are Not Allowed Upstairs"

    From a male caller (but, I feel like I would say this to my mother-in-law).

  • 5


    The old "point your finger like a gun at the dog and yell 'Bang!'" LOL

  • 6

    (While Being Annoyed) "Go Fetch"

    From a female caller.

  • 7

    "I Wish You Had A Shorter Leash"

    From a female caller.

  • 8

    "I Need To Get You An Invisible Fence"

    From a male caller.

  • 9

    "You're Going To The Kennel While We're On Vacation. You're Not Staying At Our Home."

    From a female caller.

  • 10

    "Who's Big and Fluffy? -- You're Big And Fluffy!"

    From a male caller. (Imagine saying that to your mother-in-law! Just imagine.)