True, it is Dyngus Day and it is also April Fools Day. But for anglers, there is another reason to get excited for April 1. Today is the opener for trout season!!

Before I started to work on the morning show, I wold be up early every April 1 to try to get to the best spots on the streams that I could find. On a good weather day, the fishermen would be almost elbow to elbow trying to reel in a big trout! This year brings some rain and even some ice in spots.

Opening day for trout and salmon fishing is April 1 with high, cold water and icy banks and streambeds anticipated which could make for a dangerous early season angling, particularly in northern areas of the state, Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) Commissioner Joe Martens today reminded.

One year I was given a parking ticket on my truck. I was so anxious to get to my favorite spot that I parked on a bridge above the Cattaraugus Creek! To make it worse, I didn't catch a single fish, and it was so cold that ice was forming on the tip of my fishing pole as fast as I could reel in the line!!