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What would you guess is the top beer-drinking country in the world?

Per capita - the Czech Republic is number one followed by Ireland and Germany.

The top three producers of beer are China, the United States, and Russia.

Germany has the largest number of breweries in the world with about 1,200. This country has about 350.

What country has the best beer? Based on taste and quality, the European Beer Star awards says Belgium ranks #1, followed by Germany and the United States.

Those results contradict the results of a survey of over 2,000 people spread out over 80 countries on the question of which country has the world’s worst beer? The United States came in Number One. Meaning this country has the world’s worst beer and Budweiser was ranked the worst. It is the world’s most advertised beer and it’s the most widely distributed beer around the world….and maybe it just doesn’t stand up to all the advertising and promotion. Maybe people expect it to be better.

The number one most-consumed beer is Bud Light. Regular Bud is number two.

The survey says China has the world’s second-worst beer, followed by the United Kingdom, Australia, France, and Italy.