I guess it's a matter of kicking at somebody when they're down.  That's what a lot of New England Patriots haters are doing following the Giants win in the Super Bowl.  They're poking fun at one of the game's most successful quarterbacks who's stumbled in the last two Super Bowls. 

One of the photos taken during Sunday's game shows Brady down on the field, head down, hands clasped together.  It almost looks like he's in prayer asking for help from up above, or at the very least in contemplation of what he needs to do to beat the Giants.

His pose on the field is being called "Bradying" on social networking sites, a comparison to "Tebowing" by Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow.  Maybe Tom is praying for some better receivers - guys that can hang on to the ball when it's thrown to them.  Those dropped passes contributed to the Patriots' loss.