I got off a plane from vacation and headed straight to Oak Hill Country Club in Rochester where the PGA Championship was being held all last week. Buffalo and WNY have some massive sports fans. Some die hard fans. When a big event like this comes to WNY, we jump on it. But perhaps we're a little too rambunctious for some of these pro golfers. Actually, I like to use the word "enthusiastic".

PGA golfer

Still, bottom line: regardless of celebrity involvement, the New York gallery at the 2013 PGA Championship was an embarrassment, the absolute worst ever at a major. When every single tee shot is accompanied by howls of listen-to-me idiots, it's time to bust out the whipping sticks.

I was there, but I didn't see too much of this at all. And after all, there were 35,000 people at Oak Hill this weekend -- what did they expect? It's not like they were saying things WHILE they were swinging. CBS announcers David Feherty and Jim Nantz praised the fans of Rochester and the city as well, even commenting about their love for sports here.

What do you think?