I overheard a couple who seemed to be dating while I was in line for the store yesterday, and they were talking about, what seemed like, another couple and their bad parenting advice.

So, last night I decided to figure out exactly what our listeners thought was "really bad parenting advice". Of course you guys came up with some (hilarious and) great answers!

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    "Smack your child's gums with a spoon so I could tell if she's teething. I guess you’d hear a click if there are teeth under the gums?"

    Why do I have a feeling most people don't do this?


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    "Give your newborn water when he wakes up in the middle of the night so that he will learn that it wasn't worthwhile to wake up."

    LOL how cruel

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    "If a breastfeeding mom isn’t dressed warm in the winter and she catches a cold her breast milk will spoil"

    OK -- I just HAD to put this in there, lol. Horrible advice and horribly untrue.

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    "Sharing a bed with your baby is perfectly safe."

    Bad advice? Anyone do this?

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    "You can never spoil or hold a baby too much!"

    What do you think?